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Layne & Sharon Rushforth and Their Posterity

Updated March 18, 2018 .
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The Family of Layne & Sharon Rushforth
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Layne & Sharon Rushforth and Our Posterity

Here we are with all of our family in one photo:
Six children, six children-in-law, and 22 grandchildren.

This photo was taken 27 December 2017.

Photo:  Family of Sharon and Layne Rushforth
Left to Right:
Isaias, Eva, Adam, Cidlali, Celeste, Lorelai,
Spencer, Mark holding Lorelai, Kathryn, Calvin, Tim holding Ethan,Samuel, Andrea,
Isaac, Justin , Layne (Grandpa), Brian, Amber, Sharon (Grandma), Michelle, Rebecca, Lindsey, Brandon,
Matt, Kylie, Nathan Amy, Elizabeth, Payson, Jaiden, David, Kristen, Dalayney, Kenna, and Madalyn

Parents (Generation 1): Layne and Sharon

Children (Generation 2): Andrea, Michelle, Adam, David, Mark, and Matthew.

Children's Spouses: Tim (Andrea); Brian (Michelle); Celeste (Adam); Kristen (David); Kathryn (Mark); and Amy (Matt).

Grandchildren (Generation 3):

MICHELLE: Rebecca, Justin, Amber, Brandon, Nathan, and Lindsey

ADAM: Eva, Cidlali, Spencer, and Isaias

DAVID: Kenna, Elizabeth, Madalyn, Dalayney, and Payson

MARK: Calvin and Lorelai

MATT: Jaiden and Kylie

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